Co-Pilot for Product Managers

Meet your new junior PM colleague


Help your colleagues write actionable tickets

Follow-ups and clarification costs hours of time for product teams daily. We ask the same questions that you would, saving time and ensuring tickets are actionable to begin with.


Scope out new projects in minutes

Drafts with suggested tickets and dependencies. Seamless cross-functional collaboration to align on goals and context.


Track progress and receive alerts

Real-time executive summaries of projects, tasks & developer progress. Get proactive alerts on issues and identified blockers.

Trusted by product teams across diverse industries

We’re saving hours on reduced meetings every week and we’re equally excited about all the upcoming features.

Simon Enström

CTO Treebula

Case Study

Padel Mates saves hours every week with actionable tickets

Version Lens has been a game-changer in our workflow, particularly in addressing the challenge of tickets lacking necessary information for actionable steps.

It's not uncommon for those outside the product team to be unclear about the context essential for a ticket. Instead of focusing on the features suggested, our priority lies in understanding the underlying pain points.

Version Lens efficiently aids in gathering this crucial information, ensuring that the tickets we get are ready for immediate action when they come to Jira. This efficiency has significantly reduced the need for time-consuming weekly follow-ups and ad-hoc meetings, saving both myself and the team countless hours.

Feras Wilson

CTO Padel Mates

Manage the product, not your overhead

Reduce your overhead

Spend minutes, not hours on managing overhead. Let us do the grunt work so you can get back to building outstanding products.

Identify blockers proactively

Enable new insights from your existing data. Identify blockers and issues proactively. Receive alerts and take action before it’s too late.

iterate on planning faster

Reduce the threshold for scoping out new features or projects. Create drafts of tickets and understand dependencies in minutes not days.

understand your backlog

As your company grows, so does your backlog. Let us help to identify common themes, group tickets and receive summaries.

streamline communication

With remote working, asynchronous communication is even more important. Replace long slack threads and delayed responses with Version Lens.

learn from experience

New projects can leverage previous experience. When starting a new project, make sure to draw upon previous learnings and mistakes.

Access all your product data with seamless integrations


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What is a co-pilot for product managers?

Product Managers balance a lot of operational and strategic responsibility. The goal of Version Lens is to act as a junior PM that offloads some of the operational and overhead tasks to free up more time on strategic planning and product innovation.

Who are behind Version Lens?

We are a blended team of builders and operators with the common denominator being that we’ve all spent our careers in product-centered companies. We’ve founded, built and scaled product teams for the last 15 years so we fully understand the daily struggles of a PM.

Can I join the team?

We’re currently not hiring for any specific roles but always looking for exceptional builders or operators to join our team. So if you want to be part of redefining how Product Managers work reach out to

What features are live?

Right now we are offering our chatbot that helps your colleagues write actionable tickets for free. Give it context, design your ticket template and let us ask the same questions that you would have. Saving hours of reduced meetings and follow-up each week.

What are your upcoming features?

Soon we will launch two new features helping with planning and tracking new projects and features.

The planning tool helps you plan and scope out projects in seconds. Work cross-functional and use Version Lens to identify dependencies and lack of context.

The tracking tool gives you alerts on identified blockers and potential issues allowing you to take action proactively. Receive auto stand-up reports to stay on-top of your teams direction and progress.

Why is your first feature free?

We’re building a Co-Pilot for Product Managers, that means we need to understand the reality of PMs in detail.

We believe in building in public and as such want to work together with as many PMs as possible to do so.

For that reason there will always be a free-tier of Version Lens, reducing the threshold for us to get in touch with you, the people we’re building for.

Supercharge your product team

Reduce your overhead and focus on what truly matters, building outstanding products